Imagine if you had the cure for your daughter's suffering from her doubts.

Imagine if you had the cure for your daughter's suffering from her doubts.

Imagine if you had the cure for your daughter's suffering from her doubts.Imagine if you had the cure for your daughter's suffering from her doubts.Imagine if you had the cure for your daughter's suffering from her doubts.

Forget empty promises that thinking happy thoughts will silence that voice. Give her the courage to conquer it today.

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GIRLS CONQUERING CONFIDENCE (Pictures changed for privacy)

Megan, age 17


This confidence program helps with individual needs and trials. Kim is really good at helping you think differently about situations so that you can be more open minded and better understand how others and yourself feel. I learned how to stop judging other people and accept that how they think and feel is up to them. I also learned how to control my thoughts in order to make myself feel better about myself and others. This program has really helped me see things in news ways for the better.

Rory, Age 17


I really loved the daily dare aspect of this program because I have never done any activity quite like this and it pushed me to recognize all of the great things, even if they were small, that I did everyday. This helped boost my confidence knowing that I was able to do something "out there" each day and that I was capable of having many little talents that I hadn't realized I had. I appreciated the flexibility in what we talked about each week as to have a natural flow of conversation and have the opportunity to combat what I was dealing with each week. I would recommend this program to any girl that is struggling to find some aspect of themselves that is a contribution to the outside world. Let it be known that you definitely are doing great things, you just may not be able to see them. This program takes the time to help you recognize them and see how you are talented and make great impacts in your daily life.

Nicole, Age 14 and mom, Christine


Nicole-I have noticed that I don’t have my head down in the halls as much. As well as I’ve been smiling more then before because I’m not as focused on what other people think and I’m happy to be me what they think doesn’t matter as much anymore. 

Christine-The help this gave Nicole was amazing ! Other people have even commented on the change in her self esteem. She is so much happier! I can’t thank you enough for this gift you have given my teenage girl!

Daphne, Age 16


I found it interesting that whatever I want to feel or think about myself, I am in control of. My life has changed in the way of I am more aware of the fact that I have human emotions, what they are and why they're happening. I have noticed a definite change in my confidence.

Lisa, mom of Rory


Appreciate the opportunity to work with you and thinking that once college begins, you will be a great resource for my teenage girl.

Kenlee, Age 17


It is so amazing. I started pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying things that I’ve never done before. It made me so much happier, have more confidence,  and I started to care less what people think about me.


I don't solve your daughter's problems

You want your teenage girl to solve her own problems. As a nurse with 25 years experience, I've been trained to zero in on what ails people by listening with compassion. When she works with me, she will learn that she can solve any problem in her life by uncovering the issue without judgement. Read the testimonials below from girls just like your daughter. 


Connect her to a meaningful tribe

Teenage girls today believe that they are alone in a super connected world. They don't know what's wrong with them when it seems like everyone else is so happy. The Girls Connecting Program offers them hope that they aren't alone and the opportunity to relate to others. Space in this program is limited, so don't let this opportunity slip by!


Six Weeks to Confidence

If you have ached as your daughter suffered from low self confidence, she can change that in less than six weeks. The time will pass no matter what. Sign up for a free mini session now and be amazed at what is waiting to be unharnessed. Don't delay! There is a limited amount of sessions that fill up quickly. 

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