How can a nurse help your daughter with her confidence?


You want your daughter to hush her inner critic voice

It's frustrating to watch your daughter's confidence suffer when she is a teenager, especially when it is at the hands of her inner critic voice. I teach girls how to tame it, not by thinking positive thoughts, but by connecting to her emotions with self compassion.

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You want her to get relief from anxiety

It's scary when your daughter gets stuck in a negative spiral that fuels into a doomed life, especially when that spiral is started by a minor glitch. I teach girls that overthinking can be managed and can be overcome.

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You want her to take care of her body

It's scary that when your daughter believes that her worth comes from her body, but more than half of girls surveyed believe that is true. I teach girls that their body is the vehicle for them to create, explore, and be brave in the world.

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About Coach kimmie


Join with me in giving our girls emotional balance

I've been a registered nurse for 25 years. I've worked with all ages of people, mostly in their homes. I want all the girls to know that confidence is the ability to feel all of their emotions. As a certified life coach, I coach girls with teenage anxiety every day that they can question their inner critic voice through empathy and useful questions. 


I love these girls!

After working with teenager girls between the ages of 12-18 since 2015, I understand the pain that they are in. Let's stop at least one girl's pain today.