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Social Media Addiction

Girls crave connection and social media answers that desire


Sounds good, right? Except social media use has not been taught effectively, so girls use it as a way to compare themselves to others and find out really what other people think of them, all with the swipe of a finger and no registering emotion. 

Stop the Social Media Polls


Watching your daughter rally for position among her peers with what she posts on social media is exhausting. It takes a lot of effort to keep up the facade. I teach girls why the desire to connect is there in the first place. 

Hello? The answer is not ditching the phone.


The desire for connection is hard wired in to our brains. It is one of our primitive instincts for our survival. Social media overuse heightens the false sense that she is connecting to others, when in reality she's isolating herself behind a screen.

Promote Healthy Social Media Use


Social media is not going away. Your best solution is for your daughter to learn how to use it to connect to people that love and adore her, and not look to social media to validate her experiences. 

Share on Social Media Intentionally


Girls have grown up where everything and anything is shared. Working with me, she decides why she shares anything online and what she wants to feel about what she has shared. 

Social Media and Common Humanity


All of us are alike. We are all human having a human experience. Girls want to contribute to the world and know that social media is a vehicle to do this. In the Social Media Addiction Program, she will be able to step out of the shame of social media overuse and into using social media to heal the world. 

The Social Media Overuse Program is only for the bravest of girls.