How often do you think about the number on the scale?

Do you feel bad about what you've eaten? Do you hate shopping for clothes? Do you dread P.E.?

When I was a teenager, i obsessed over the number on the scale. I fiddled with the dial to lie to myself that I weighed less than the actual number, so I could stop hating myself. It didn't work. 

I tried diets. 

I tried exercise. 

I tried not eating. 

I tried and tried and tried. 

I spent a lot of time and energy trying or thinking about how broken I was.

What would your life be like if you didn't think about that number on the scale? Like ever. What if you saw yourself in a post and you didn't look at all of your flaws? No need for a filter for you. 

Your body is yours to create the life you want, connect with others, and contribute to the world, not as a vehicle to beat yourself up or tell you that you aren't enough.

Start today on opening up the possiblity of your life at your natural body weight. 


Willpower can only get you so far in losing weight. Then it runs out and here comes the weight that you deprived yourself of so much to lose. If you want weight loss that way, you'll find it in a trendy diet.

This is no trendy diet. 

This is confidence and weight loss rolled in to one. This is developing a healthy relationship with yourself and food. 

Are you in?